Conservatives with Stockholm Syndrome. (Part II)

Conservatives with Stockholm Syndrome. (Part II) ^ | NOVEMBER 14TH, 2011 | James Lewis, staff writer

Posted on Monday, November 14, 2011 2:12:35 PM by jmaroneps37

Herman Cain has been viciously attacked because he is a black man who doesn’t bow to the Party Line. I’ll say that again: Cain is harassed by the media because he is black. Nobody cared when Bill Clinton made a thousand unwanted passes at a thousand different women. When the Monica scandal surfaced they told us it was “only sex.”

But it wasn’t: Clinton was an obsessive exploiter of women. The left doesn’t care about women or blacks. It cares about money, power, and perks. And some of them take sadistic pleasure in hurting people.

The media seem to pick the biggest enforcers, the Commissars of the Leftocrats. On top of that Herman Cain is Obama’s worst nightmare. The left hates black people who think for themselves. They go ballistic. You can watch it. These smears and slanders are SOP for the mob media. It’s what they do in life.

They’ve practiced this one so often it’s like a mental tic. Show them a male conservative and they have a Tourette Tic: Sexual harassment!!! Works like a charm. Decent people are always ready to wonder. Maybe it’s true? But it’s a mind fake. That’s why it keeps happening over and over again.

I believe that Herman Cain and Sarah Palin are the two most important people in this election, because they falsify the anti-American media chorus just by being themselves.

“.. woman can be elected Governor of Alaska on her own merits, maybe women have been lied to by feminists. If a man like Herman Cain can rise by his own talents and hard work, maybe black people have been suckered, too.

Suppose Herman Cain simply stays in the race and keeps getting a solid 30 or 40 percent of the GOP voters…..

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