Filth of OWS goes beyond sanitation

In almost every other nation except the United States of America, protests are toppling elected governments. Protesters are replacing governments in Europe with One World Order elitists; protesters are handing over Middle Eastern countries to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In patriot-proud America, Obama knows he cannot possibly win re-election by ordinary, non-cheating means. Obama and his dirty Democrats were shellacked by the hated Tea Party in midterm elections. The arrogant, high-handed Marxist Messiah will not let it happen again even it it means suspending elections.

At no matter what park, in no matter what weather, OWS activists, who work in shifts with Starbucks coffee breaks part of their pay grade, will be on the streets fomenting for Revolution right up until polls close on Nov. 6, 2012.

That’s their job. That’s what they’re paid for. Deflect, distract, displace, destroy are their marching orders from on high.

Obama hates the Tea Party because it is impossible to wipe out. For every Tea Party person out waving Old Glory in a lawn chair, millions are at work or home cheering them on. We the People are not going into serfdom without a fight.

Impossible to wipe out sincere patriotism from the millions who earnestly want rid of Obama.

Obama’s Stage Four ‘Demoralization of the Masses’ is failing. Average people of the masses merely notice in passing that the Marxist in the White House watches basketball from the deck of aircraft carriers on Veterans Day; they care not that this Marxist malcontent has already bragged he is about to take yet another unearned holiday; they care not about the absurd get-ups of his overbearing, self-proclaimed nutritionist wife. They care about finding a job, hanging tough through the recession and feeding hungry families.

Somewhere in their hate-America Marxist upbringing, Barry’s and Michelle’s Mommies never told them: “It’s impossible to win a fight against people who have nothing left to lose.”


via Filth of OWS goes beyond sanitation.


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