The “Drop the Hate” Hokum (JFK as a victim of “hate”)


MORE…The ‘Drop the Hate‘ Hokum

Reprinted from the Chicago Tribune in Human Events, Vol. 22, No. 23, December 14, 1963

We are now growing weary of the current talk about how in the wake of the Kennedy assassination, we’ve all got to drop hatred and extremism and get milksoppish and ever-lovin’. Dire consequences are threatened if we disregard this advice.

Our reaction? Nonsense; also, nerts, to revive a good old slang word.

The drop-the -hate talk is coming from pinkos and leftists who are bitterly disappointed that Lee H. Oswald, President Kennedy‘s murderer, was a Communist and a Castroite.

Had Oswald been a member of the John Birch Society or a hater of Negroes, the current peddlers of love and kisses would be stirring up a witch hunt in every one of the 50 sates at the moment.


via The “Drop the Hate” Hokum (JFK as a victim of “hate”).

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