GOP Race Has Become Search for Perfect Candidate

GOP Race Has Become Search for Perfect Candidate

Rush ^ | November 30, 2011 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:18:22 PM by Kaslin


RUSH: I haven’t shared with you my thoughts on this Herman Cain situation, the latest. (sigh) Well, this is a frustrating thing. In fact the entire circus that is now… Well, it’s now becoming a circus. This whole Republican race, it doesn’t matter where you go — I don’t care what website you go to, I don’t care what network you tune in — all we’re hearing is all the shortcomings of all of these people. I don’t care if it’s Herman Cain or Bachmann or Romney or Newt, all we’re hearing is their shortcomings. The headlines are, you know, “Newt’s health problems! Romney’s foot flops.” For crying out loud, what are we looking for, perfection?

On the other side what are we dealing with? Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and all this stuff that never got vetted and is not gonna get vetted now? Yet even as I look at websites, networks, places I would consider to be on our team are nitpicking all this stuff? It’s a little maddening because there’s no such thing as perfect. The Founders were not perfect. The whole Constitution was created on the basis that human beings are fallible. The Constitution’s premise is that human beings with too much power will abuse it and imprison and tyrannize people. The whole point of it was based on the imperfection of people, and yet here we are apparently looking for the perfect — and I’m not running, so it’s not gonna be findable…..


RUSH: Somebody just told me that Obama referred to the British embassy in Iran as the English embassy. NewsBusters chronicled this. He called the British embassy the English embassy. Meanwhile, we’re told that Rick Perry is an idiot or that George W. Bush is an idiot or whatever. The English embassy? The guy, 57 states, Barack Obama.

Folks, I don’t know about you. Are you tired of hearing things like, “If the Republicans nominate (fill in the blank) then Obama wins”? Are you tired of hearing about (fill in the blank) is not electable? They’re all electable. Half of this country — I got a story in my stack — half of the country is afraid to buy Christmas presents because of the economy. Half of the country is feeling bad because the holiday season’s coming up and they may not be able to go out and participate in it. And we’re being told that our candidates are unelectable. It’s all BS. If anybody, by all rights, by what’s decent, should be unelectable, it’s Barack Obama, the architect of all of this. Which is not accidental.

This can get extremely frustrating as this quest, this demand for perfection — I don’t know where this comes from. I don’t know who starts this. I don’t know where this catches on, that somebody must be perfect, when there’s no such thing. The Founders were not perfect. There is no human being who is perfect. There’s no perfect plan. Just like there’s no utopia. Yet these standards somehow end up being applied to us, our candidates, conservatives, where does this come from, where does this start? You take a program like “No Child Left Behind,” the liberals will say…..


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