Obama’s Global Godfather dragged in with the CH2M Hill scandal tide?

Obama’s Global Godfather is Canadian UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong—employed by CH2M Hill as chairman of its influential International Advisory Board.

Followers of the global poohbah money track have known since his arrival in the Oval Office that Obama’s puppet strings were being pulled by George Soros. Now they can officially add Soros’ one-time business partner in the failed Chinese Chery automobile project, Maurice Strong.

Taking in the scope of the combined power of Soros and Strong, it’s no wonder that the puppet dances and gyrates on puppeteer strings while the Fundamental Transformation of America is closer with each passing day.

With those in the know still reeling from the shock of discovering that CH2M Hill was awarded more than three times as much funding as the now bankrupt Solyndra, George and Maurice the puppet masters remain off the radar screen.

In Weiss’s The Case of CH2M Hill: $2 Billion in Crony Stimulation, he warns that of the companies involved in the Solyndra scandal, CH2M Hill “should be next on the House GOP radar, having used nearly $10 million in stimulus funding to design the elaborate Solyndra facility in Fremont, California.”…..


via Obama’s Global Godfather dragged in with the CH2M Hill scandal tide?.

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