USPS wants to limit next-day service (Put a fork in ’em! They’re Done!)

USPS wants to limit next-day service (Put a fork in ’em! They’re Done!)

cnn ^ | 12/3/2011 | By Jennifer Liberto

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The U.S. Postal Service on Monday will announce a cost-savings proposal that would no longer deliver first-class mail on the next day.

The financially troubled agency will present to its overseers a proposal to change its national standard for first-class mail to two-to-five days from one-to-three, according to interviews with several mail industry officials who received a presentation by the agency this week.

“This isn’t a change we’re happy about,” said Art Sackler, executive director of the National Postal Policy Council, a trade group for large mailers. “But if they don’t cut somewhere and substantially, they’re going to run out of cash next summer. It’s one of the lesser evils.”

Right now, customers on average receive mail the day after it was mailed, according the postal service. That may still happen, but a lot less frequently under the proposed rules, say the insiders who were briefed on the proposal.

The proposed rules are not a surprise. The postal service asked for public comment in September on “eliminating the expectation of overnight service” for first class mail. But it could have a major impact on customers, especially those who still use the mail to pay their bills.

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