Internet piracy bill: A free speech ‘kill switch’

Internet piracy bill: A free speech ‘kill switch’

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Posted on Monday, December 12, 2011 4:03:33 PM by thouworm

What began as an attempt to restrain foreign piracy on the Internet has morphed into a domestic “kill switch” on First Amendment freedom in the fastest-growing corner of the marketplace of ideas.

Proposed federal legislation purporting to protect online intellectual property would also impose sweeping new government mandates on internet service providers – a positively Orwellian power grab that would permit the U.S. Justice Department to shut down any internet site it doesn’t like (and cut off its sources of income) on nothing more than a whim.

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  1. nur3k says:

    complain and protest till you can, they still gonna pass this bill, they need this type of control after Arab spring and London riots, they are afraid of the Internet

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