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No More Compact Trucks… For US by Eric Peters

OK, that’s two victims.

I’ve just discovered that Ford has dropped the Ranger – America’s last compact-sized truck – for 2012. But not from its lineup. Just from its U.S. model lineup. Not only will the Ranger continue to be sold in export markets, the 2012 model will be a heavily updated model which, among other things, will offer a new diesel engine – something you can’t get in any current pick-up in the U.S. that’s not at least a 2500 series behemoth with a price tag well over $30,000. Meanwhile, the Aussies, among others, will get a brand-new Ranger, revealed at the Thailand International Motor Expo last month. It is a handsome-looker, with an available quad cab body and an all-new interior.

The 2.2 liter, four-cylinder Duratorq TDCi diesel-equipped version – offered with either six-speed manual or six-speed automatic – sounds like just the ticket for the U.S. market, too.

But, we lose. It’s not coming here.

The official reason for not giving American buyers the opportunity to buy this truck is that – supposedly – Ranger is too close to F-150 and so “redundant.”

Which makes no sense, especially since as recently as the 2010 New York Auto Show, Ford Spokeswoman April Fursten told http://www.pickuptrucks.com that “We took a long look at Ranger sales over the last two years and the numbers are better than we forecasted. Year-to-date, it’s outpacing 2009’s numbers, selling better than the all-new Flex crossover and is only about 2,000 less units than the recently updated Mustang… .” Fursten added that “(Ford CEO Alan) Mullaly said we be nuts to kill the Ranger in the U.S. because more than 7 million have been sold since 1983.”

I don’t get it, either.

via No More Compact Trucks… For US by Eric Peters.


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  1. old1
    December 12, 2011 at 10:57 AM

    Gotta keep the middle class the middle class! High fuel costs do just that! Those with excess money get to invest it and then move up the ladder. If thousands move up, who will be left to vote in the Communists? Smoke and Mirrors my friends. Life is a lie, and everybody liars!

  2. December 12, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    Miss my Ranger PU; but my present Ford Escape will do most of the hauling Chuck (my truck) used to do, and it’s really a nice driving little vehicle…BigBro wantsa get rid of all affordable cars as it is a big symbol of good ‘ol American individuality and independence!

  1. December 13, 2011 at 8:58 AM

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