Outrage over hand grenade Christmas ornaments

Outrage over hand grenade Christmas ornaments

The Local (Sweden) ^ | 12 Dec 11 08:22 CET

Posted on Monday, December 12, 2011 12:11:30 PM by DeaconBenjamin

A decision by the Swedish Army Museum (Armémuseum) to raise money for charity by selling hand grenade-shaped Christmas tree ornaments has sparked a storm of criticism from disgusted visitors.

“Quite simply I think it’s distasteful, especially if they are raising money for charity. This is a museum frequented by children and it’s hard to explain to them why there are hand grenades in the Christmas trees,” visitor Elinor Lindeborg told Sveriges Television (SVT).

“This is an Army Museum, but should still try to highlight a non-war perspective.”

Lindeborg and others have reacted to the Stockholm-based Army Museum’s efforts to raise money for anti-poverty and disaster relief charity Christian Aid by selling Christmas tree orbs that look like hand grenades.

“Support Christian Aid and their work for peace and against poverty by buying our Christmas ornaments which are a subtle reminder of those who are less fortunate than we are during the holiday season,” the museum says on its website in promoting the initiative.

“How in Lord’s name can they come up with such ans idiotic idea to make Christmas tree balls shaped like hand grenades? Sick! Shameful,” another upset woman told Sveriges Radio programme Ring P1.

Despite the criticism, the museum said it has no plans to pull the hand grenade ornaments.

“I can understand that people react, especially if they has been in a war situations themselves, but we’ve chosen to focus on seeing that proceeds go to a charitable cause,” the museum’s division head Helena Martinsson told the Expressen newspaper.

She added that response has been positive for the most part.

“Having a decoration like this on the tree can get people to reflect on how good we have it here in Sweden and that there are people who have it much worse,” said Martinsson.

“It could be the topic of an interesting conversation over Christmas.”

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One Response to Outrage over hand grenade Christmas ornaments

  1. old1 says:

    An Army with a non-war perspective? Give me a break! Now, do the ornaments sell? The world is filling up with Stupid!

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