Perennis: September 2011 (Napoleon, The Pope and The CSA…)

The USA was not immune to these impulses. Perhaps the territorial designs and war with Mexico (1846-48) was a harbinger of things to come. Yet that seemed more like a classic land-grab than a centralizing power-grab.

But there was restlessness in the Northern states. The growing Northeastern materialist establishment began to cast their eyes on the government in Washington. The antiquated relic of Jacobite idealism would not bend to their wishes and impress the will of the few upon the whole country. Supported in the South the power balance and decentralized structure of the Constitution promised integrity for the individual while it bridled government control. The North chaffed under the Constitution. This out of kilter situation was doomed.

Benjamin Disraeli

With a close eye on Europe, adoration for the French Revolution, and the acceptance of Karl Marx into the pantheon of intellectuals the establishment in the North was aware which way the wind was blowing. In the 1800’s the heroes of modern Europe were centralizers, colonizers, and empire builders; led by strongmen like Benjamin Disraeli, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Bismarck. These trends were known to the Yankee powerbrokers who did not want to be left behind.

The only thing that stood in their way was the South. From the swamps of Florida to the Ozarks of Missouri the vast geography harbored “archaic” notions of governance. In the same way that Prussia coveted Bavaria and Austria the Yankees craved the South and its wealth.

They need only to provoke the Southern people enough, war would break out, and conquest would belong to the North. No one in the world would come to the aid of the quaint rustics in the South and within days or weeks a new central government would reign from Washington.

via Perennis: September 2011.


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