PERENNIS: Europe’s Plan To save The South ~Napoleon, The Pope, and the CSA (EXCERPT)

Europe’s Plan To save The South ~Napoleon, The Pope, and the CSA (EXCERPT)English: Confederate General Robert E. Lee pos...

…Athough France and her associates spent blood and treasure on this project, the curtain was going down before the plan could come to fruition. The war spun out of control for the CSA, and defeat brought an end to its hope. Urgency was likely the source of the severe brutality by Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan toward the end of the war, when these generals used human resources like dried pine needles on a fire to defeat the South…

Union soldiers recklessly charged at the dwindling Confederate forces, who slaughtered them by the thousands. But in the end, Northern numbers ruthlessly overcame Southern valor. Lincoln knew that Europe was about to enter our war, so his tactics, as implemented by General U.S. Grant, devolved into savagery. The clock had run out for the South.

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