Perennis: Alinsky

The Obamacrats have changed the orientation of the Democrat Party from Jefferson and Jackson to the Chicago leftist establishment. More ominous is they have moved the geographic center of gravity of the Party from America to fin-de-siecle Russia with its decadent mixture of the occult and Bolshevism.

It is no secret that the current administration is an ideological stepchild of the Chicago Marxist labor movement that gave rise to the premier community organizer Saul Alinsky. We have spoken before about the theomachist proclivities of Mr. Alinsky and those who have come after him.

Mr. Alinsky penned a few notable lines not the least of which was his dedication to his most famous book Rules for Radicals in which he revealed his enthusiasm for Lucifer, i.e., Satan or the Devil. Referring to Lucifer as the “first revolutionary” Alinsky was of course signaling his intentions to a wide audience of the anti-Christian intelligentsia including the establishment surrounding the University of Chicago…..


via Perennis: Alinsky.



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