Learn Austrian Economics by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

The past several years have seen a revival of interest in the Austrian School of economics. (For some background on the Austrian School, read this essay and this essay.) I’ve assembled this resource list to help beginners embark on a program of self-education in the Austrian School. I have marked a few titles with ** to indicate their importance.

Many of the books and audiobooks, in addition to all of the articles, that appear on the list below are available to read or listen to online.

An Introduction to Economic Reasoning

These books, all relatively short and available online or for purchase, are an excellent starting point for an education in sound economics.

**Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt; online here and here (.pdf)

Essentials of Economics by Faustino Ballve; online here (.pdf)

An Introduction to Austrian Economics by Thomas C. Taylor; online here and here (.pdf)

Lessons for the Young Economist (for younger readers) by Robert P. Murphy; online here, here (.pdf) and here (ebook)

Another easy-to-understand introduction to economic reasoning is Peter Schiff‘s book How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes.

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