Why SOPA and Net Neutrality Must Be Stopped

Why SOPA and Net Neutrality Must Be Stopped

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Posted on Monday, December 26, 2011 8:13:23 AM by Halfmanhalfamazing

I think this excerpt from a comment on the Hot Air article summarizes Congress’ latest attempt to control the internet very well:

“Politicians cannot stand watching the internet go unregulated and untaxed. It drives them insane.”

And that’s exactly correct. The internet is one of the most free places on Earth, as an interchange of ideas, open source media, news, and educational content. It became that way not as a result of any single government’s efforts, but as a collaboration between the world’s brightest minds seeking profit. In other words, it was birthed as the purest form of a free market.

And that, quite frankly, drives politicians crazy. With the FCC’s moves to enforce ‘Net Neutrality’, and the most recent SOPA bill, we see a trend: The established rulers of this world are refusing to give way to the freedom of the internet. (and its 1.97 billion users) From large copyright and patent holding companies, such as Warner Brothers, to politicians and bureaucrats who are no longer needed to keep us informed or safe, the internet is the greatest threat to old power and big money.

You see, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, and their user submitted content pose a big threat to such companies and politicians. For middle man media companies because user generated, open source or ‘some rights reserved’ content is a big threat to their bottom line. (who needs to purchase a theater ticket or DVD when you can view free content, directly over the internet, the same day it was filmed?) And for politicians, like the cosponsors of SOPA, internet videos pose a threat, because it exposes their thuggish ways to the public eye.

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