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U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas predicts a first or second finish for himself in the Iowa caucuses and said he likely couldn’t support Newt Gingrich as the Republican presidential nominee while offering qualified praise for Mitt Romney.

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“I’d probably have trouble,” Paul said when asked specifically about supporting Gingrich’s candidacy. He added that he wouldn’t be able to back any Republican nominee in the general election who didn’t call for dramatic change in foreign and domestic policy.

“If the policies of the Republican Party are same as the Democrat Party and they don’t want to change anything on foreign policy, they don’t want to cut anything, they don’t want to audit the Fed and find out about monetary policy, they don’t want to have actual change in government, that is a problem for me,” he said.

Paul, 76, said he anticipates a winning or second-place showing in the Jan. 3 Republican caucuses that start the 2012 nominating contests.

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