(Pavlovian Training To Obey) ~ The Department of Homeland Security Is Terrorizing American Citizens! by Gary D. Barnett

As reported recently, heavily armed agents of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stormed a Leesburg, Florida Social Security office. This supposed drill was unannounced, and was understandably frightening to the local visitors to that office.


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The armed DHS thugs arrived in swat team fashion, surrounding the building with their blue and white SUVs, and posting at the door of the Social Security building a guard with a semi-automatic weapon. Some began randomly checking the identification of locals, while others with drug sniffing dogs rifled through the rest of the building. One can understand their caution and hard-handed behavior due to the extreme risk posed to our country by Florida retirees.

There was obviously no cause to accost any of these innocent citizens, but when in this day and age, given the police state we now live in, do the feds care about cause? Apparently, the governor, the attorney general, and all the state police forces were absent, probably hiding behind their desks until the feds left after their fascist style raid!

The DHS had the audacity to call this assault “Operation Shield.” This sounds more like a name of a war operation in the Middle East than a raid on the elderly. This was done under the guise of a surprise drill with a mission to detect the “presence of unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities.” None of these existed of course, but why should that matter to the DHS, the most abominable agency of the federal government. The real mission of the DHS is to intimidate and terrorize innocent people so as to habituate and control them. It will be necessary to break down the resistance of the citizenry, so that the people will not take aggressive action against the state when civil unrest becomes the norm, and Martial Law is implemented. Obviously the government plan is working.

These DHS “checkpoints” are becoming far too common. What began just recently in Tennessee as a test has now spread to many other parts of this country. This was expected by those of us who understand the nature of the federal government’s aggression against freedom, but the speed at which it is progressing is dangerous. These checkpoints will continue to increase in number, and will continue to expand in area. A pattern is already obvious, and allowing this invasion of our rights to go unanswered is a fool’s game…..


via The Department of Homeland Security Is Terrorizing American Citizens! by Gary D. Barnett.

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