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…..In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America’s infrastructure. They called this authority “Infrastructure Privatization.” E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the “disposition or transfer of an infrastructure “asset” such as by sale or by long-term lease from a State or local government to a private party.”

E.O. 12803 also lists examples of America’s saleable and/or lease-able infrastructure:• Roads• Tunnels• Bridges• Electricity supply facilities• Mass transit• Rail transportation• Airports• Ports• Waterways• Recycling/wastewater treatment facilities• Solid waste disposal facilities• Hospitals• Prisons• Schools• Housing

E.O. 12803 tells us that this list represents infrastructure “examples.”

Let us, therefore, assume that this is not the complete list of America’s saleable infrastructure. However, this list is a stunning confession.

Notice that all items listed in 12803 are the very same infrastructure items listed in all Martial Law Executive Orders see here.

Martial Law kicks in to power during declared states of emergency and with the single signature of the president.

Strangely and ignorantly, we currently have multiple declared states of emergency:…..


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