Al Garza on the Minutemen, FEMA Camps and Who Should Be Our Next President| The Post & Email


by Sher Zieve, ©2012

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(Jan. 18, 2012) — One of the more extraordinary people of our time is a gentleman by the name of Al Garza. I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing this interesting man about what he has done, what he is doing now and who he plans to support in the upcoming US presidential race.

A portion of Al’s Bio reads: “Al Garza stands out as a national expert on the issues surrounding Homeland security, border security, immigration law, and the illegal immigration crisis. While originally serving as Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Garza became one of the most well respected national leaders within the border security movement for building coalitions and generating interest for the movement by building dozens of state and local chapters.

“Garza continues challenging our government’s ambiguity on open border policies & enforcement of immigration laws. He laments that politicians have ignored the “Oath of Affirmation” mandating allegiance to the United States Constitution.

He advocates for diplomatic sanctions against foreign countries that encourage illegal entry into the United States. Our national security incurs serious jeopardy due to politician’s dereliction of duty. We must continue reminding them that this is a nation of laws. Laws govern what the Congress is empowered to do–either to justify their actions or to demonstrate when they are unlawfully operating beyond their bounds–no matter how well intentioned.

“He praises & supports immigrants of all nationalities and without prejudice or bias. He welcomes everyone to the land of opportunity, but, he also believes in the legal process of immigration, and that no one is exempt from our laws or should receive amnesty for violating them.”

The Interview

Sher: What a pleasure it has been to meet and talk with you, Al. Thanks so much for giving me and my readers your time, today. First, would you tell us what prompted you to become one of the Founders of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project?

Al: There were three essential reasons, Rule of law, public safety, and national security. I found all three of these components had been compromised and essentially obliterated in order to accommodate open border policies.

I reside in what I consider to be one of the most colorful and most delightful counties in Arizona. There is, however, an uncanny battle at our borders which I found both alarming & extremely suspicious. When I heard the terms ‘open border policies‘, ‘jobs Americans won’t do‘, ‘human & civil rights‘ and ‘Mexico is our friendly neighbor‘ I went into a rage. We are the most compassionate nation in the universe, issuing more than a million visas per annum, yet our borders remain completely unobstructed to the illegal onslaught. I saw more than cheap labor; I saw a national crisis and an uncontrolled foreign invasion. I launched my own border probing mission and ironically ran into a handful of citizens who shared my concerns regarding our national security. We ultimately allied and became the largest activist movement of its kind in American history, later to become known as, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Sher: The US federal government seemed to utilize much of its power to stop the Minutemen and allow illegal immigration of any and all alien comers to the USA to continue. Sadly, that hasn’t changed. We haven’t heard much about the Minuteman project, recently. Is it still active on any particular front or has it, essentially, disbanded?…..


via Al Garza on the Minutemen, FEMA Camps and Who Should Be Our Next President| The Post & Email.


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