BHO’s idea of ‘fair play’

In his disingenuous State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama called for “a return to the American values of fair play and shared responsibility,” a theme he repeated throughout the speech.

“We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of Americans barely get by,” said the president, “or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”

Fair shot? Fair share? Same set of rules? Not so fast. A 2006 article by publisher Peter Osnos sheds a different light altogether on our Robin Hood president.

As Osnos relates, a 1990 New York Times profile on the Harvard Law Review’s first black president caught the eye of hustling young literary agent Jane Dystel.

Dystel persuaded Obama to put a book proposal together, and she submitted it. Poseidon, a small imprint of Simon & Schuster, signed on and authorized a roughly $125,000 advance in November 1990 for Obama’s proposed memoir.

With advance in hand, Obama repaired to Chicago where the University of Chicago offered him a stipend, benefits and an office to help him write what Obama told the administrators would be a book on race and voting rights.

When Obama switched topics to pure memoir, biographer David Remnick reports that the University brass were “unfazed.” They were mostly just glad to have Obama in their midst.

Some of his new colleagues at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, the town’s leading civil-rights firm, were less than thrilled to see their young associate, feet up on his desk, doodling on his memoir on company time. The named partners, however, indulged him.

Jack Cashill’s literary investigation uncovers revelations galore about Obama’s alleged life narrative. Order the book “Deconstructing Obama: The Life, Love and Letters of America’s First Post-Modern President”

In the spring of 1992, on top of his existing obligations, Obama was offered the opportunity to head up Project Vote, a nonpartisan voter-registration effort designed to herd thousands of fresh Democrats to the polls come November.

If Obama accepted the offer, he would have still another excuse for not being able to meet his June 15 manuscript deadline despite the generous 18 months he had been allotted. He took the job and missed the deadline. Dystel persuaded Simon & Schuster to extend it.

In November 1992, he and Michelle married. After their honeymoon, to finish the book without interruption, Obama decamped to Bali for a month to write. Nothing happened.

His friends have been at pains to…..


via BHO’s idea of ‘fair play’.



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