Prison » Biased? Paid Media Partners Praise Vaccine, GMO Programs Led by Bill Gates

Reports commonly say Bill Gates– through his philanthropic foundation work– is ‘saving lives’ and ‘feeding the world’s poor.’

Biased? Paid Media Partners Praise Vaccine, GMO Programs Led by Bill Gates media gates haloBut there’s no mistaking the genocidal undertones. Hundreds of millions if not billions are living on the edge of starvation at the start of the 21st Century, while a new era of GMO-proliferation and Big Agra domination pose other grave threats– both economic and vital. Thus, it is extremely important that we collectively decide on the best solutions for the future– or at least avoid the worst outcomes; it could prove far too costly in hindsight to pander to the wrong development.

So why has “the media” been so positively-glowing about Gates’ singular heavy-hand pushing GMO crops on the developing world (see AGRA partnership with Rockefeller Foundation and Monsanto) while vowing to lower population numbers through his global vaccination campaign (see GAVI alliance with Rockefeller Foundation), all while helping consolidate ownership in the food market now driving up prices (see global food security under Gates Foundation, Cargill and others)?

The simple answer is that many media voices are foundation funded– with grants and partnerships paid directly from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The very journalistic outlets who should otherwise be holding Gates’ policies accountable with tough questions and volumes of scrutiny are instead financially-tied to his work.

Infowars Nightly News: Does Bill Gates Have a Conflict of Interest Problem?

For example, an ABC News article discussing the expansion of GMO drought resistant crops– aimed directly at Africa and the developing world– is published under a glowing title: “Bill Gates on Using His Money to Save Lives, Fixing U.S. Schools, Reflecting on Steve Jobs”. Mixed with disclosures that Gates holds 500,000 shares of stock in the world’s most controversial company, Monsanto, is a note at the bottom admitting that ABC News’ coverage has been sponsored in part by Gates, under the BE THE CHANGE: SAVE A LIFE program focused on health care in the poorest areas of the world:

Biased? Paid Media Partners Praise Vaccine, GMO Programs Led by Bill Gates abcnews disclose billgates

Paid PR or Support for Unbiased News Reporting: ABC Says Bill Gates ‘Saving Lives’ in Story Sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Without a doubt, disclosing their links is better than not doing so. But is it enough?

A big part of the problem is that Bill Gates, son of a top Planned Parenthood official, is in league with a group of wealthy eugencists working to reduce the world’s population. But instead of admitting the agenda he is working towards, much of his heavily-backed efforts are branded in “the media” under hopeful sounding terms like “global health,” “feeding the world’s poor,” “fighting disease” and other positive buzz terms. Look at the secret meeting of billionaires back in 2009, at which Bill Gates, David Rockefeller and numerous other celebrity elites gathered to coordinate population reduction-targeted programs.

Note the difference between ABC’s dull headline “Meeting of America’s Richest About ‘Need,’ Attendee Says” vs. the London Times eye-catching headline “Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation.”…..


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