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by Sharon Rondeau

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(Feb. 2, 2012) — While the groundhog was seeing his shadow early this morning, a young man on the other side of the world was going back and forth between two hosting accounts at GoDaddy.com, checking to see which files had been moved and which had not out of a total of 30 tables and tens of thousands of records, all consisting of the building blocks which make The Post & Email run.

We were afforded the opportunity to see the process up close for approximately three hours today as the work was arduously completed, back and forth between two screens, multiple choices and bright red error messages. The WordPress specialist kindly said he would “show” me how it was done, but truth be told, your editor will never learn how to do it. My brain is just not wired that way.

Give me words, not numbers. I’ll write about an idea, but I’ll never figure out which records need to be downloaded on one computer while working with multiple databases, identifying missing files, and reassembling an extremely complex virtual edifice to a complicated website. Add trying to teach an unteachable person the mathematics and mechanics of doing so, and you have one patient man!

The graphics feature is not working properly, so please bear with us as we work out the bugs from this latest move from the shared hosting account to a dedicated server.

A new hosting account was purchased on an emergency basis on Thursday, January 26 after The Post & Email was shut down for the second time following its coverage of the Georgia Obama eligibility hearing. Our readership had reportedly outpaced the capacity of the hosting plan purchased in September 2010. However, many problems were encountered with the migration of files, and the site was temporarily restored on the old server yesterday. Following a few hours of intense publishing, the lights went dark again as the name servers were pointed to The Post & Email’s new home.

The former registrar of the domain names had stated that the names were never transferred, but they had been.

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