Logical Proofs of Infinite External Consciousness | Libertarian News

The argument that you exist now but cease to exist in the future requires that at some point infinitely in the future you are perceived as not having existed infinitely into the past. If you have not existed into the past from some future perspective and do not exist infinitely into the future from your current perspective then you never have and never will exist for all infinity.

Obviously this is a logical paradox that can only be resolved by saying consciousness is external and infinite in nature.2. If you believe in the theory of Quantum Mechanics, then you believe that conscious observation must be present to collapse a wave function. If consciousness did not exist prior to matter coming into existence, then it is impossible that matter could ever come into existence. Additionally, this rules out the possibility that consciousness is the result of quantum mechanical processes. Either consciousness existed before matter or QM is wrong, one or the other is indisputably true. Regardless, it is a logical paradox to conclude that consciousness is the result of QM processes.Decoherence as an explanation results in either a many worlds or many minds interpretation.

Decoherence on its own explains nothing. A many minds interpretation leads to a continuous infinity of minds existing in an infinite number of universes. This leads to a system that is unable to explain single photon interference patterns in experiments such as the double slit experiment, which clearly means this is not a logical or rational description of this present physical universe……


via Logical Proofs of Infinite External Consciousness | Libertarian News.



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