Ron Paul: I would discourage attack by Israel on Iran

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Speaking over the weekend on CNN, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said he would seek to discourage an attack on Iran by Israel, citing a comments from Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, who said a nuclear Iran wouldn’t necessarily be an “existential threat”.

“You don’t go to war over these kinds of things,” said Mr. Paul. “I would try to use the foreign policy and military experts who say this would be a fallacy and use the people in Israel who are saying these things as well to show that people should stop and think before they start a war.”

The Texas Republican, who has made opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan a key point of contention in his bid for the 2012 nomination, has called for halting financial aid to Israel, noting the U.S. deficit remains above $14 trillion.

Mr. Paul’s comment comes as polls show Mr. Paul trailing his Republican rivals by a wide margin. The Texas Republican congressman, who took third place in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, also took time to discuss his campaign. Speaking Sunday morning, Mr. Paul said that it is “hard to say exactly when” he expects to score a victory in an upcoming caucus or primary.

“Of course you set [your target] for victory, but you have to live within the real world,” said the Texas Republican. “But we have three or four caucus states that we believe our numbers are doing pretty good and we have to wait and see and keep doing exactly what we’re doing.”

The Texas congressman criticized his Republican rivals, including Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. Mr. Paul slammed Mr. Romney, saying the Massachusetts Republican does not have “firm convictions.” Mr. Paul said Romney’s economic positions were “flawed,” but that the former Massachusetts governor is apt to change his tune if it means capturing some of Mr. Paul’s supporters.

“I think Mitt can change his mind,” Mr. Paul said. “He’s changed his mind in the past. If he hears from our young people and voters and we continue this, yeah, he’s going – he’s going to change his mind, if there’s a political benefit to it.”

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