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The Trashing Of The White Working Class

The Trashing Of The White Working Class

February 15, 2012

By Russ Winter

There is a revealing book by Charles Murray called Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010″ . This has a big focus on what nobody really wants to talk about, the white American working class. Santorum’s preaching about social values has merits but he panders and makes it mostly about black people or illegal immigrants. And so does Gingrich.

Obama is an enabler. This is just one more elephant in the room that is being politically ignored: the ghettoization of the white working class. I am not even sure the 99% term really defines this one.

In the book the white working class is defined: no academic degree higher than a high-school diploma. If they work, it must be in a blue-collar job, a low-skill service job such as cashier, or a low-skill white-collar job such as mail clerk or receptionist. Murray calls this community Fishtown. People who qualify for Fishtown constitute about 30% of the white population of the U.S., ages 30 to 49. Some of this data is from 2008, it is worse now, see food stamps chart below.

-In 1960,

via The Trashing Of The White Working Class.


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