How To Use the Internet in ‘Stealth Mode’ The Key To Staying Private When Big Brother is Watching by Kyle Gonzales

…..Many Internet Service Providers ISPs in the western world are required by law to track nearly everything you do online. While the US government has been trying to hide their electronic wiretapping program as a state secret, the EU made theirs public by passing the Data Retention Directive of 2006. Article 5, under “Categories of data to be retained”, lists the gory details of what is tracked.

This is required for home phones, mobile phones, Internet telephony and e-mail. And depending on the country, this information will be kept for 6 months to 2 YEARS.Under the Data Retention Directive, here is what is being tracked in every e-mail sent: Your name and address The name and address of everyone you send e-mail to The time and date you logged on and off of your Internet service, along with your IP address and username The time and date you sent your e-mail Your computer’s operating system, hardware, and other identifying informationOther EU countries are taking electronic surveillance even further. Denmark, for instance, passed a law in 2007 tracking all Internet access, not just e-mail and VoIP calls.

And Sweden, while delaying implementation of the Data Retention Directive, passed a law in 2008 to record all Internet and phone communications which cross their borders.Forget about authoritarian governments, democratically elected ones are tracking your every move online.So how do you gain some manner of privacy in this environment?

By creating your own private network across the Internet.How to make the Internet your own private network…..


via How To Use the Internet in ‘Stealth Mode’ The Key To Staying Private When Big Brother is Watching by Kyle Gonzales.



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