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Gunny G: “SULLY,” RAY JACOBS, and “MAC” McCULLOUGH….Those of you on my e-mail list and who read my blogs will recognize the name of Ken “Mac” McCullough and his recent pic holding his old WW II Gung Ho knife from his Carlson Raider days.
Back about 1998/97, when I first got online, I pursued topics of Marine Corps history such as Carlson’s Raiders, the Flags of Suribachi, etc. At that time there was little such in-depth information online; so I did it the old fashioned-way–I did it myself.Since then the Marine Raiders organization and Dan Marsh came along and put up much more sophisticated sites on the raiders. And, then, a couple years or so later I got an e-mail from Marine Ray Jacobs who had been the radioman in the Lou Lowery photos of that first flag raising on Suribachi. And, during those years, Dr. R.E. Sullivan, Col…

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