Agenda 21 – What Is It? Apparently is is a plan to reduce the population

Several people have become interested in a quite controversial topic called “AGENDA 21.” They have requested being on a ping list for this topic.

While I do not have time to do a thorough treatment of this subject, nor am I in any way an expert, I am willing at least for a time,to ping people as I run across articles which might pertain to this concern.

It might be good to start with an examination of just what it is or might be.

To kick this discussion and exploration off,I did a Google search (just for fun) on “Agenda 21.” There were a number of YouTube clips and various blogger links which surfaced in answer to the query.

The bottom line of this Agenda appears to be the plot, plan, and preparation of some very evil people (ie the UN and others) to reduce the population so that the Power Elite can control the people more easily.

Here are some of the links:

Dr. Stan Monteith and Orlean Koehle May 31, 2011 “UN Agenda 21 depopulation

NWO Observer Agenda 21 – Depopulation Agenda (2009)

Agenda 21…The “Planned” Depopulation Project…It’s Happening at Stealth Speed…Right Before Your Eyes! SadInAmerica’s Blog 4/11/2011

Other submissions of some better/more reliable sources and/or refutations are welcome.

via Agenda 21 – What Is It? Apparently is is a plan to reduce the population.

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