Betty Freauf — Ron Paul’s Blowback Claim

I checked my dictionary only to find there is no such word as “blowback” but one definition for “blow” said it is a sudden shock, calamity, reversal, etc. Is that what happened on 9/11/2001?

So GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul has invented a new word and ironically, I’ve been hearing talk show pundits like the King of Talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, use it to define other instances such as the reversal by Susan B. Komen regarding grant money to Planned Parenthood receiving lots of “blowback” from pro-lifers.

And why, all of a sudden, are the other GOP presidential candidates suddenly talking about “Liberty and Freedom” which have been used over and over again by Ron Paul for eons. Could it be that a CNN poll way back in December showed this so-called “unelectable” Ron Paul tied with President Obama? Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, he’s gotten his message out and awakening some sleeping giants.

Limbaugh continues to mock Ron Paul about “all those wars” wasting money. Rush has dumped on Paul, the “conservative” press treats him as a joke, and conservative talking heads routinely dismiss him; however, a UTube by Neil Cavuto on the Internet takes his fellow pundits at Fox News to task for their blatantly dismissive attitudes toward Paul. Limbaugh claims to have had an epiphany that Romney will ask Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul to be his Vice President, who says he’d be honored to accept. He’s noticed that Ron Paul has not attacked Romney in the debates- a strategy that has not gone unnoticed by the British press.


The one thorn in Romney’s side is his Massachusetts health care plan much like Obama’s, otherwise he has no federal voting record to attack and that could be an advantage in the debate with President Barack Obama. And Romney seems to regret promoting that health care plan which he says came from Heritage Foundation, a think tank that often sounds British and delivers talking points to the conservative talk show pundits who recruit for Heritage and then parrot their ideas throughout the air waves.

This V.P selection could get interesting because Ron Paul in a recent campaign stop said he thinks strong Constitutionalist Judge Andrew Napolitano would be a great vice president and the crowd roared with approval. According to a New York Times op-ed by columnist Nicholas Kristof, Romney has several Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) members as advisers who favor globalism and one world government which could be a problem.

So let’s set out to vindicate Ron Paul and his talk about “all those wars.” I am not by any means an expert on foreign policies so I must rely on others to refresh my memory about “all those wars” that Ron Paul claims were not necessary and were initiated without Congressional approval.

In M. Stanton Evans 1966 book entitled THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER, he goes into great detail how Americans were deceived during the Cold War era with a continual flow of propaganda. He writes about “Those Missing ‘Gaps’” and says there have been at least four major instances in which important industrial-defense capability has been attributed to the Soviet Union on the strength of “intelligence” or Soviet assertion, only to prove out an illusion.

In each of these, Moscow claimed and Western spokesman acknowledged vast Soviet attainments. Yet we now know the thing so freely granted on the basis of assumed “intelligence” information or otherwise were not true and should not have been granted……


via Betty Freauf — Ron Paul’s Blowback Claim.


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