The Organized Destruction of America Through Political Correctness | Western

Being a man in my mid-forties, raised in a pre-political correctness society, I have come to realize what is happening in our country today. We have compromised our principles and our integrity.

Every day, it seems, in the midst of all of the political theatrics of the day, someone says something that offends another and before you know it, you may hear the words “I mispoke” or something along those lines.

The average person no longer has a voice in society for fear of offending someone else. Case in point, Rick Santorum refers to Barack Obama as a snob for continuously pushing for higher education.

Well, if anyone has noticed, where does Barack Obama give the bulk of his speeches? At universities or community collages. Rick Santorum has since apologized for his comment.

Why? Mr. Santorum, in my veiw, is entitled to his opinion as is guaranteed by the First Amendment. But, as usual, political correctness ruled the day. Now, jump to the firestorm that Rush Limbaugh is now enduring.

Nancy Pelosi marches out a Georgetown student to admit that she has sex so much that she can not afford contraception and therefore the rest of us should pay for it? Rush, in this case is correct. In my upbringing, someone that was that sexually permiscuous was referred to as a harlot, slut, or whore.

But after Rush’s comments, the politically correct crowd has called for his ruination. This country, I believe, has come to a point where everything is acceptable, as long as the collective agrees with it.

The question that I now have for Americans is this: If our Founding Fathers were politically correct and fell in line with the collective, would there be a United States of America today? I…..


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Gov Richard Lamm…on PC, etc…



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