(“Ron Paul thinks he could win Idaho, North Dakota and Alaska on Super Tuesday.”) Super Tuesday: Ron Paul’s parallel campaign

Ron Paul thinks he could win Idaho, North Dakota and Alaska on Super Tuesday.


The Texas congressman will be on the ballot in all 10 states today, but he’s focused his resources on three with caucuses — “fertile political fields,” he calls them — where low turnout could give his motivated supporters greater influence.

“Those three are our three best chances, so that’s why we’re spending a lot of time there,” he said here Monday afternoon as he left a rally that drew 2,200 to the University of Idaho’s basketball stadium. “They’re all pretty close.” (See also: 2012 delegate tracker.)

Paul spent Sunday in Alaska, campaigning in Fairbanks and Anchorage. In addition to three Monday rallies around Idaho, he’ll hold a fourth event Tuesday morning outside Boise. Then he flies to Fargo, N.D., where he’ll spend Super Tuesday night — suggesting the campaign thinks they have their best chance to win there.

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