Sibelius Spills the Beans (Liberals have to constantly hide what they believe to get votes)

Liberals accuse conservatives of using secret signals that only conservatives can hear — dog whistles — to send racist messages. These accusations are in reality a reflection of what liberals think rather than accurate assessments of what conservatives are saying, like the pimpled teen who thinks that nearly everything is a dirty joke.

Liberals, on the other hand, constantly have to hide what they believe in order to get votes — getting rid of blacks by making abortion easily available in minority neighborhoods and advocating socialism are not winning campaign positions these days. That’s why almost every liberal runs for re-election as a conservative.

Fortunately, liberals are sufficiently un-self-aware as to let their true beliefs show through their verbiage on occasion — an unconscious dog whistle, if you will.

Secretary Sebelius has stated that providing free contraception would reduce overall insurance costs because there would be fewer people for the insurance companies to pay for.

In doing so she provided insights, probably unwittingly, into how liberals think about Americans. Her statement is flawed from numerous perspectives, but let’s look at just two.

First, she is assuming that the average American who would not be born if she has her way would burden society, not benefit it. She’s saying that having more Americans is a bad idea, that people do not generate wealth, that we should be depressed over every legal immigrant and every new birth in America.

After all, if people cost more than they are worth, they are nothing but a burden, right? That has to be her reasoning; otherwise, why object to the birth of someone who will be a net contributor to society via years of taxes, and a future payee of health insurance premiums?

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via Sibelius Spills the Beans (Liberals have to constantly hide what they believe to get votes).



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