Independent voters and moderate sheep in the GOP are really Democrats. (Vanity)

The country is suicidal now and in may ways is actively seeking some sort of conflict when Obama gets re-elected. I say conflict because re-electing Obama will bring problems and the good people who get what is happening won’t stand by and let it go further.

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But a lot of “misguided” people who might “dislike” Obama and vote “republican” are still wanting statist, government policies. So these idiots, no friends of mine, like losers like Romney, who is really Obama’s twin brother.

Plus many of the primaries are is statist un-american states like Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Florida.

The tea party might as well leave the GOP and wipe itself clean of these operatives who will get Obama re-elected along with the libertarians. They should out all fake “tea party” people who went for Romney.

I see real problems down the road within the republican party by nominating Romney and by re-electing Obama. And should some how Romney win the general, the tea party will turn on him and they will even turn on the fakes who “run” the tea party.

We have Obama sheep and Romney Sheep. They are both Big government fools. And I sure am not. So I plan for problems because us conservatives are at the tipping point.

I’m hoping someone runs who I can support as 3rd party when Romney wins the nomination. Might as well go scorched earth on the RNC and DNC. Provide fireworks by hammering Romney as Obama’s brother.

And I think we have idiots in both parties and that is why I am disliking both parties.

So these so-called Independents and moderates who want idiot Romney are really Democrats who are going to get Obama elected by nominating Romney. I’ll even bet a few will change their minds and vote Obama. And it might happen when they realize Romney is no good. But being statist they’ll favor Obama.

So basically I’m upset with these fools. And I don’t doubt Obama fans voting for Romney in open primaries to help Obama out. Romney is the worst candidate who can take on Obama. I sure wouldn’t support him and I won’t because I can’t defend him at all. It is a none choice between Romney and Obama. it is just picking which poison is the best to swallow down. And I’ll take neither one.

So blame the idiot sheep for me voting third party in the fall. I’m still going to have my vote count.

via Independent voters and moderate sheep in the GOP are really Democrats. (Vanity).



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