A Critical Warning: How Drudge has Betrayed Andrew Breitbart – and You

Andrew Breitbart was one of us, a “Bulldog for the conservative cause,” as Rush Limbaughput it. And that is why I was furious when I learned that Matt Drudge callously betrayed him – the facts follow below.

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Andrew Breitbart tried to vet Obama in 2008 – and Matt Drudge blocked his efforts. One might consider, after reading this article, that Drudge, in fact, helped elect Obama!

How do you feel about President Obama? Me too, and that’s why Drudge’s betrayal of Andrew Breitbart infuriates me. Drudge betrayed Andrew Breitbart – and you, because you trusted Drudge too. Back to that in a minute – I want to discuss the severity of Drudge’s betrayal.Think about how you feel when someone you trust betrays you.

I certainly feel extremely angry. You may feel violated. Now, magnify that feeling by the millions of conservatives who have put their trust in the Drudge Report. I want you to feel the magnitude and depth of that massive betrayal……


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