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GOP Establishment Shuts Down Missouri Caucus to Avoid Paul Victory

March 18, 2012 2 comments
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Brent StaffordEstablishment GOP leaders in St. Charles County, Missouri, shut down a caucus and had Ron Paul supporters arrested in order to avoid enthusiastic Ron Paul supporters from taking over the caucus March 17.

“It definitely got wild,” Eugene Dokes, the county Republican chairman, told the Associated Press after the aborted caucus, claiming that: “I had to tell a number of people not to approach me, not to come from behind me and not to scream at me. I think there was the possibility of someone trying to inflict personal injury or harm to me.” There’s no evidence Dokes was threatened in the more than dozen videos of the caucus that appeared on YouTube after the caucus.

The posted video recordings were banned at the caucus and provided the nominal reason for one arrest and the loud protests. The videos showed the crowd remaining in their seats and orderly while shouting extremely loudly at perceived rule violations by Dokes through Matt Ehlen, whom Dokes had elected caucus chairman after a controversial vote where Ehlen was the only candidate. Local television stations reported that Paul supporters had become “verbally aggressive,” a characterization imperceptibly different from a crowd enthusiastically supporting their candidates.

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Class warfare taught to him by Bill Ayers has always been Obama’s plan « « Coach is RightCoach is Right

March 18, 2012 4 comments

By George Spelvin, staff writer

A declassified FBI top secret 50 page report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) reveals that Obama king maker Bill Ayers became Educational Secretary of the WUO when it morphed into an international movement to replace “America’ imperialistic state” with a New Democracy, which is their euphemism for a combination of Socialism and Marxism. Ayers’ wife Bernardine Dohrn was elected to their National Interim Committee from June, 1969 to early 1970 when the group went underground.

If you have any doubt about their visceral disdain for America’s white males, especially its cops, consider what the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Vietnam (PRG) told the WUO. “Look for the person who fights hardest against the cops. . .don’t look for the one who says the best thing. Look for the one who fights.” (1). So when President Obama disparaged the police who arrested a fellow Black academic, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., in 2009, he was responding in kind, by saying the officer “acted stupidly.”

When Bill Ayers wrote his book “A KIND AND JUST PARENT’ which delves into his radical views about juvenile crime, Barack Obama wrote a positive review, and Michelle Obama who was a University of Illinois dean organized a discussion panel on the topic with Ayers and his wife, both WUO leaders.

A wikipedia synopsis of the career of Dohrn says her hiring boss a Chicago’s Sidley Austin law firm, remarked, “She wouldn’t say she’s sorry,” in explaining why Dohrn does not carry an Illinois law license even though she is the immediate past director of the Northwestern University’s Children and Family Justice Center which she founded as one of their associate law professors!

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The hysteria over Obama/Soetoro‘s new Executive-order

I must have received 200 emails about the EO issued by the putative president declaring martial law is on the way and no election in November.

This one is typical:

“This Obama EO has gone way beyond Communism or a Police State ! This is total insanity ! It’s done. We waited ourselves into tyrannical oblivion.”

Many read the EO and are concerned as we should be from anything generated by the Red House.

When I first read it, I thought Soetoro didn’t write it because he doesn’t really concern himself with much except playing basketball, raising money, his Wednesday night music sessions or Hollyweird friends stopping in, and second, it’s beyond his abilities in my humble opinion.

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The Fear of Martial Law (“The President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, has generated so much fear that the most common theme of posted comments and private communications is that he will refuse to relinquish power if defeated in November or that, under some pretext, he will declare a state of martial law.”)

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By Alan Caruba Sunday, March 18, 2012


The President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, has generated so much fear that the most common theme of posted comments and private communications is that he will refuse to relinquish power if defeated in November or that, under some pretext, he will declare a state of martial law.

Many, myself included, did not like the Patriot Act that was enacted following 9/11 but there is little evidence that this law has been abused to deprive Americans of their fundamental rights and freedom, though surely some suspected of being terrorists were detained.

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An Executive Order posted on the White House website on Friday, March 16, 2012, has generated a wave of fear. It is officially about “National Defense Resources Preparedness” and its stated policy addresses “national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950.”

Its stated policy is that “The United States must have an industrial and technological base capable of meeting national defense requirements and capable of contributing to the technological superiority of its national defense equipment in peacetime and in times of national emergency.” (Emphasis added)

In 1950 the nation was entering a new phase of history following World War II. It would be called the Cold War led by the then-Soviet Union, but 1950 is also important because on October 1, 1949, Mao Zedung had proclaimed the birth of the People’s Republic of China, instituting a Communist regime that continues to this day. With German and Japanese totalitarian threats vanquished, new ones were emerging.

The new EO evokes fear because it is occurring in peacetime and, more specifically, when the United States remains the strongest military power on Earth. There is no indication that an attack by any other nation is anticipated, so the implementation of the EO raises concerns that its purpose is not what it says.

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Government Increasingly Set as Only Source of “True Knowledge”

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An astounding transformation in the concept of truth has occurred the last few decades in America. No longer are statements or ideas accepted simply on their soundness or logical consistency. In fact, logic often has no impact upon an idea’s popularity. Increasingly, an idea needs official government backing before it is deemed “true.” This change bodes extreme danger for the future of our democracy.

The migration of the theory of acceptable belief within society from publicly accessible debate into an increasingly exclusive domain of government ownership is not merely dangerous, but also logically perverse. It would make irrelevant the First Amendment, since if only government-blessed statements are defensible, the general public need not bother trying to add any others.

How exactly this change is occurring is a fascinating question. Without doubt, it’s happened while government has grown towards supreme authority while the church’s traditional role of defender of truth has withered away. Also, the demise of the liberal arts teaching model has played a prominent role. This metamorphosis was achieved not by accident but by systematic attack upon the West’s institutions. Further, wholesale prostitution of the journalistic profession made these facts easy to obscure. We are left with an echo-chamber repeating the worst of progressive ideas while a complicit media beds down like the Octomom in procreative mode with leftist politicos.

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Social Networking Goes Viral | Veterans Today

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The election of Barack Obama ushered in the use of political networking that hadn’t been seen before.

Amazingly, the message failed to register in the minds of the Republican candidates vying for votes as nominees. Instead of recognizing the potential that the Obama campaign exploited, Republican contenders have been raising huge capital contributions to support traditional speaking engagements and TV ads.

Even more amazing has been the recognition by the youth in both the Arab spring and in the American Occupy campaigns to use the Obama network success.

If, as Marshall McLuhan believed, “The media is the message”, it becomes imperative to fully understand networking as media with a message, especially when it comes to politics in large numbers.

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Originally posted on BLOGGING BAD: Gunny G:

One thing we can surmise from Jay’s concern is that no foreigner would be allowed to hold the office of Commander-in-Chief of the United States armed forces. The definition of who is a foreigner is fairly simply. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a foreigner is “a person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country.”

From the remarks of Panetta, the Obama administration has effectively placed the control of deploying the United States armed forces in the hands of foreign interests that are more often than not, hostile to the interests of the United States. We can only hope that the Obama administration will defend the United States if we are attacked by one of the Iranian nuclear warheads Obama failed to keep out of the Iranian’s hands.

While the Obama administration is reluctant to use the Armed Forces of the United States outside of finding an…

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