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GUNNY G: And So, The Question as to Just When Communism/Socialism Arose In America?

Karl Marx

Cover of Karl Marx

Gunny G: And So, The Question Arises As To Just When Communism/Socialism Came To America?
I have seen many stories and claims as to when and where Communism, or Socialism, first reared its head here in the good old USA, but lately, I have noticed, there seems to be increasing information on this topic that may tend to confuse the issue somewhat. Much of this information has been around for a long time, but gone unnoticed by myself and apparently most others as well.

About the first time most Americans heard of communism, myself included, was during The Senator Joe McCarthy thing back in the late ’40s. Of course, information on Socialism was available long before that, but I suspect few paid much attention to it.

Not that long ago an article appeared by Alan Stang titled Republican Party Red From The Start… The article emphasized that the Republican Party had been influenced by Marxists beginning shortly after many of them from the 1848 revolution in Europe had immigrated to America. This was by the early 1850s just prior to  the election of Abraham Lincoln.
By the Civil War, many of these had found their way into government positions, including the new Union Army; and most of them were sympathetic to Northern politics, and unfriendly to the Southern cause.

Anyway, Stang’s book sparked my interest and I soon found other books on this topic, i.e.,  the “forty-eighters,” Lincoln, socialism, big government, etc.

In addition to Stang, there are books /and online articles by such authors as Dr Thomas DiLorenzo, Al Benson and Kennedy, Clyde Wilson, etc.–real eye-openers!

LewRockwell.com has a listing of numerous authors who write regularly on these, and related topics, with online archives for each writer.

Karl Marx, surprisingly, had become acquainted with Horace Greeley, and in 1851 he became a writer for Greeley’s  New York Tribune, and this continued for about ten years. And so the ideas of Marx himself had its foot in the USA doorway at that time.

And so, I was surprised by this information not only that such things had occurred, but that so little, apparently, was known of this. I had read before where writers had made reference to some form of socialism being practiced by both the Puritans and Pilgrims way back in the colonial days of our country,  and the Indiana Connection, but, again, little attention was paid as being at all relevant to modern times Communism. 

Communism, by the way, can be loosely known by many names, including Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, Leninism, etc. And many more names too, but for purposes of my little spiel here the above will do.

Again and again we do find writers indicating that Lincoln’s Civil War set the stage for Big Government in America, and that we have become more and more socialized, in stages, by the likes of our presidents and their personal philosophies and views on how government should be run.
Like Teddy Roosevelt and American Imperialism, Woodrow Wilson and our entry into World War One against the obvious wishes of we the people.
And still later by Roosevelt (FDR) and The Big Deal and our entry into WW II.
Then, Harry Truman and America’s use of the atom bomb, the assassination of John Kennedy, LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin,

 President Eisenhower had warned the American people of the Congressional, Industrial, Military Complex–only he was persuaded to leave out the word “Congressional” from his speech–after that, and Jimmy Carter, there have been the Clintons, two Bushes, and now… obama.

The steady hum of socialism in American politics and government has now become a steady roar, and getting louder daily!

And there are other writers with additional information–there is Dr Ed Rivera, a now disbarred California lawyer, who teaches Law and Government via the Internet. His writings on George Washington and the Constitution, and the origins of our government are most revealing and interesting, to say the least.
In fact, he states that George Washington himself first set us on the course of socialism!


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So you can see, depending on many things, just when Socialism first began in America is a matter of personal belief/disbelief, opinion, denial, whatever. You decide for yourself.

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!


For Various Reasons,Gunny G
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