Employment and Franchise Opportunities – Immediate Openings for Prostitutes and Pimps

I, for one, support the recent Ontario Supreme Court’s decision to legalize brothels. Perhaps all of Canada will soon embrace Ontario’s newest and undisputedly “hottest” government sanctioned industry? And it’s a good thing the decision in Ontario was left to a handful of unelected, unaccountable judges since consulting with the people through their elected legislature would have surely hampered “progress”.

Governing through elected representatives is really a nuisance these days in Canada; so many rules of order and far too many debates and procedures. Besides, why should the peasantry expect to have a say in matters that define their culture or that affect their daily lives? Rather, in Canada, parliaments and legislatures are quaint and charming notions, but in today’s modern, progressive societies, democracy is simply too old fashioned to keep pace. It’s infinitely more efficient and expeditious to legislate from the bench through the judiciary. As a result, now that Liberalism and moral relativism have emancipated us from our awful, conservative values and our traditions of high moral and community standards, members of our society are now free to openly pursue any activities of sexual desire as long as their credit rating is good.

I also applaud the decision since for many years I’ve wanted to start a small business, and as the old adage goes, sex sells. My plan is to open a whole chain of brothels and I will locate them in the neighborhoods where the Supreme Court justices of Ontario reside. That will be my show of appreciation for their handiwork. Perhaps the Justices have children or grandchildren of their own; wouldn’t they also benefit from the Justices’ decision?

We may also consider the organized crime, violence and drugs that accompany prostitution as mere value adding activities – activities which may very well be next on the Supreme Court’s docket for all we know. Who are we to stand in the way of free enterprise? Guess it won’t be long until government imposes a prostitution tax, adding it to the other noble and upstanding industries they currently skim from, like booze, gambling and tobacco. Mafia bosses everywhere are likely blushing with envy……


via Employment and Franchise Opportunities – Immediate Openings for Prostitutes and Pimps.

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