Photo: Whack-job who thinks you need to be medically “treated” for questioning the U.N. climate scam…

Photo: Whack-job who thinks you need to be medically “treated” for questioning the U.N. climate scam
Doug Ross Journal ^ | April 01, 2012 | Doug Ross

Posted on Tuesday, April 03, 2012 11:23:24 AM by CaptainKrunch

I realize you can’t judge a book by its cover, but — oh, my.

A whole slew of new “research” on conservatives’ and global warming skeptics’ “brains” has hit the academic circuit.

First off, environment and sociology Prof. Kari Norgaard’s [Ed: pictured at right] new study claims skeptics of man-made global warming fears should be “treated” for their skepticism. The study compares skepticism to man-made climate fears to the struggle against racism and slavery.

Prof. Norgaard’s concept of “treating” those who do not follow the current day’s political or social orthodoxy is, frighteningly, not new. A quick look at the 20th century totalitarian super states reveals many similar impulses.

It’s even more chilling that there is a whole new movement afoot by the promoters of man-made global warming theory to intimidate climate skeptics by using new brain “research.”

Other researchers have attempted to tie conservatism (which is identified with the highest number of climate skeptics) to “low brainpower.” … Finally, still other climate activists have actually implied that we need to consider “human engineering” to combat global warming… NYU Prof. S. Matthew Liao of Center for Bioethics says his human engineering solution “involves the biomedical modification of humans to make them better at mitigating climate change'”

Sounds like the climate movement is pushing back against the numerous disclosures that have exposed “global warming” as nothing more than a money-making scam for NGOs and academics.

And it also would appear that they would like to use the same tactics the Nazis used to suppress opposition, all in pursuit of their totalitarian, anti-science vision.

Yet another reason to praise our country’s founders

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