GUNNY G: FYI: To Gunny G’s Readers Re Dead-End Links Due To $/Subscription Articles/Blogs…


Just now reposting/reblogging this piece as it is a good one!

Readers of Gunny G’s may have noticed that some of my previous excerpted/backlinked articles are no longer available due to the source website/blog having now gone to a subscription/$ system that requires a password/subscription fee….

Not me, I’m just a Citizen Blogger-not a businessman—and I will continue to post excerpted pieces backlinked to the source article.

I will avoid the $-Blogs matter of course, however, some blogs tend to go subscription/$ down the road when they become “successful” or on the verge of going bellyup…ThankYa All for reading the GyG Blog/Sites!

Dick G

aka: Gunny G


Semper Watching!

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

For Various Reasons,Gunny G
Now Posting To Three Blogs…



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