Marine Who Called Obama “The Enemy” Fighting For Free Speech

How many currently enlisted soldiers do you know who are openly criticizing President Barack Hussein Obama in public?

Marine Sergeant Gary E. Stein is one of them. Sgt. Stein is a recruiter based at Camp Pendleton in California. He has received glowing recommendations from his superiors. He has been a marine since July 15, 2003; five years later, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Stein is hoping to reenlist when his current term of service expires in just under four months from now, and he has asked for his current term to be extended until June 28, 2013 (this request is currently pending.)

He is the founder of the Facebook page called the Armed Forces Tea Party, which he formed in 2010 as an expression of free speech. The page currently has more than 26,000 followers and according to its description is ”in no way affiliated with the military, or United States Armed Forces.” He has spoken at several tea party events in southern California during the last two years outside of uniform.

Unfortunately, Sgt. Stein is facing dismissal from the Marines over some comments he has made about Obama recently, notably that the current occupier of the White House is “the enemy“. He also has said that he will not follow what he considers to be any “unlawful order” given by Obama. Stein believes that attempts to throw him out of the military are really about silencing his right to speak out against the president……


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5 Responses to Marine Who Called Obama “The Enemy” Fighting For Free Speech

  1. Gunny G says:


    “When we assumed the soldier we did not lay aside the citizen,” from then-Gen. George Washington’s June 26, 1775, letter to the Provincial Congress is inscribed inside the apse.
    Note: The above quote was a favorite of Col David (Perfumed Princes) Hackworth USA (Ret.) (now deceased)

    “There ain’t no ticks like poly-ticks. Bloodsuckers all.”
    -Davy Crockett (unsourced)


  2. Gunny G says:

    And interesting what General “Chesty” Puller had to say so long ago now…

    I just call it… LOYALTY DOWN !!!!!!!!!!


  3. janetspillows says:

    The marine is right. Obama is our enemy. The marine should be allowed to express what he thinks. Obama wants to shut up all those who oppose him. Gee I wonder why? Could it be because he hates to hear the truth? That he wants to be like Chavez of Venezuela? I mean Obama’s face was put on the American flag a couple of weeks ago. What does that tell you? Seems like a dictator to me. As far as I am concerned Obama is the is not only our enemy,but the devil himself.

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