American Retrograde: A House Finally Divided

It could be said by some that the last couple of weeks have been nothing, if not a bizarre collection of Progressive political inanities, at best, in America, while the worst aspects of change we can believe are now coming into its dreaded full fruition, in fact.

It all seemed to have begun, sort of, with the Trayvon Martin-Media Mash v. George Zimmerman episode, which actually started well over a month ago, even with many other things coalescing at the same time. El Presidente’, after trying to blame the Republicans and Rush Limbaugh for Obama’s own direct and unwarranted attack on the Church in the form of forcing the provisioning of contraceptives, had then moved on to incite a Media Matters attack on Limbaugh himself, which ultimately led to Limbaugh’s radio show actually increasing its listenership by up to 60% in some cities.

Ironically, rather than Rush getting the can, somehow, these last few days, we ended up with the mortally wounded reputation of Liberal Bill Maher, along with a completely deleted Left-leaning Chandelier in Keith Olbermann from Current TV, and a disdainfully discarded caustic Progressive in Rosie O’Donnell, who got the can from none other than Queen Oprah, herself.

Now, how in the world, did all of this carnage on the political Left happen when the Iconic Conservative Right was the designated target? Perhaps some larger force at work?

Oh, but the fun was just beginning….

We then had the NY Times actually manufacturing a new race of man in order in to fully vilify their fellow Democrat shooter, euphemistically being “George the White,” who shot “Trayvon the Black,” while incidentally sporting the seemingly Semitic last name of Zimmerman, who was actually Hispanic, but who is now what the Times refers to as a White….

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