The iPad Answer (“…We aren’t going to fix the economic or social problems until the sheeple smarten up and realize how deeply immoral our society has become. “…”)

I was struck by a comment by one of our FreepersClearCase_guy, notably because I’ve said much the same thing here and there. ClearCase_guy said,

“Sometimes I wish the Republicans would put both the economic and social issues on the back burner. We probably need to spend 4 years just HAMMERING the propaganda industry, the media, and the educational establishment. Just expose them all as manipulative liars with no principles of any kind.

We aren’t going to fix the economic or social problems until the sheeple smarten up and realize how deeply immoral our society has become. “

ClearCase guy couldn’t have said it better. It is constant Right-Left bickering instead of coming down on Right vs Wrong. A society without morals and truths will soon be in shackles.

The problem with the media is that they lie. The problem with democrats and progressives is that they lie all the time. Anybody can say anything and get away with it, especially their side. All you get is back and forth ‘he said, she said’ or ‘I was taken out of context’ or ‘they all do it’ etc. Nobody believes anybody with all the denials and distortions.

The only way to fight the media is to confront them with actual unedited news clips, events, and the lies and outrageous comments of media hacks, campaign consultants, and politicians. It is not enough to just verbally counter the David Gregorys or Chuck Todds or Stephanopouluses.

On last week’s Meet the Press, Gregory challenged a Republican congressman when he accused the media of mocking the Mormon religion. The congressman brought up a quote from Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC which nailed O’Donnell. Gregory shrugged and went to another topic.

It’s not enough to just counter the enemy with facts. To really impress the viewer, the independents, and the media itself is to counterattack with actual visual evidence. Surprise them. Hoist them on their own petard on their own studio sets.

Enter the iPad. Remember when Obama gave the Queen of England all of his famous speeches on an iPod? I am proposing that the republicans arm themselves before stepping on stage with Couric or Lauer or Letterman or Gregory with iPads chock full of news videos of media bias that can be instantly played back to them. Suddenly, the usual hapless blundering republican mouthpiece has veritable visual firepower at his disposal.

The viewer can no longer dismiss an incident as just back and forth political ranting. Nor can the media continually attack our side without repercussions. They might even become more objective if faced with return fire.

Of course, our side makes its share of gaffes but nowhere near as many or as idiotically preposterous as their side. And the iPad solution still requires republicans to have the gonads to confront a moderator with the iPad evidence. The moderator might still shrug and move on, but the actual video of the perpetrator will have made it to the screen for the viewer to decide.

The media needs to be confronted and embarrassed, if that’s possible. Our side needs to be more combative and fight back with the latest technology.

Maybe Breitbart or Glenn Beck or even Rush can set up a server with these media news shots which can be downloaded on iPads. Or, like in the movie ‘Coma,’ the RNC can set up a library vault of suspended iPad modules all of which are fed instantaneously via the ether nodes of the Cloud. One of our guys can just check one out prior to stepping before the cameras.

With today’s dumbed-down citizenry that reasons with their emotions, truth must be conveyed visually. Blast the Jon Stewarts and Bill Mahers with our iPad lasers. Imagine if one of them actually has to watch their own cowardly accusations.

Something has got to give. Truth and Morals are taking a beating. If we take the White House, the media will just amp up the lies and rhetoric even more. The fight has got to be taken right up their cameras and teleprompters. The iPad can be the truth equalizer.

Honestly, I am surprised that the iPad has not been used in this manner. Sure would beat Rove’s sketch board.

Do not adjust your sets. We now return you to your normal programming propaganda.


via The iPad Answer.

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