Obama, Self-Proclaimed Unifier, Morphing Into A Divider and Conqueror

On April 03, 2012 Obama told the American Society of Newspaper Editors that the GOP (Republicans) were attempting to Impose a “Radical Vision On Our Country”. That’s a far cry from unifying and is designed exclusively to tell the yokels who fawn on his every word that those bad GOP’ers are dividing the country while his very words bespeak division exactly in the opposite direction.

This from the man who just over three years ago said he would bring “CHANGE” that the people wanted and bring the country together as the Great Messiah and Unifier. What a load of crapola that turned out to be. Just look at all his latest NON-country-unifying baloney he is trying to force on the good people of this land.

How can we forget his shameful and child-like tantrums with our highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, which touts two of its members as his appointees, Sotomayor and Kagan, saying that court couldn’t overturn a law? Even his corrupt Attorney General had to apologize to the public highest court for that egregious and monstrous prevarication.

And this man claims to have been a teacher of Constitutional law at the (once) prestigious Harvard University? He has lied to us so much he now doesn’t even remember what lies he has tried to foist off on the country. He is a total disgrace to himself and to his designated political party – thankfully the Democrats, which embrace liars as readily as they do fools; (Biden anyone?)

Also, what do you think of his attempts to unify our country with constant references to “bypassing Congress” to get things accomplished? That was spoken by him only a matter of just a short time ago when he met with some liberal Democrat governors, an event covered by The Hill in an online article titled, “Democratic governors discuss bypassing Congress with Obama”. (Alicia M. Cohn: 02/24/12.)

Ms. Conn quoted Obama as saying, ” ‘Where Congress won’t act, I will’ back in October when rolling out a series of executive orders aimed at creating jobs.” That was about six months ago and I haven’t heard about any new jobs that Obama has created, have you? But he even got the libDem Governors all worked up and the Vice Chairman of the National Governors’ Association (NGA), Jack Markell of Delaware stated for public consumption, “There was a sense that none of us should wait, we can’t wait for things to happen in Congress,” Markell said of the meeting. “We’re going to do what we can do [now].”


via Obama, Self-Proclaimed Unifier, Morphing Into A Divider and Conqueror.

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