JB Williams — Tea Party vs. Netroots Nation – Game On?

…..Meanwhile, the Tea Party remains completely divided, un-funded, without direction, largely unaware of the pure massive evil it faces and in a word, impotent. The kinder-gentler nature of the Tea Party movement is in way over its head in the battle with the massive evil empire of international socialists they face and the sooner they recognize this reality, the sooner they can self-correct and become a viable resistance.

Where are the huge corporate sponsors behind the so-called patriot movement, the only resistance standing between American freedom and a socialist abyss? Where is the huge international support from people all over the world that recognize the reality that if America is no longer free, freedom will exist nowhere on earth?

And why have so-called patriots allowed themselves to be divided between more than twenty-thousand competing groups, leaving all of them completely impotent against a very well organized and funded enemy of their country?

Do patriots really believe that this election or any other will turn this country around and head it back towards individual rights over collective rights, freedom over the false promise of free-stuff for all? Do patriots really even understand the battle they are in for the future of freedom, or the evil nature of their enemies?


via JB Williams — Tea Party vs. Netroots Nation – Game On?.

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