Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

With the ruling by Judge Malihi in Georgia that Obama will remain on the ballot, tyranny has been established.

How else does one describe it when the President is above the law?

A court issues a subpoena to the President which is ignored.

The court rules against a motion to dismiss.

The attorney for the defendant, Obama, states he will not participate or provide subpoenaed material.

The Georgia Secretary of State says such action will be at the attorney’s and his client’s peril.

The hearing proceeds with the only evidence and testimony presented being against the defendant.

One week later, the Judge finds in favor of the defendant.

Clearly, speculation will be forthcoming. How did this happen? Was the Judge bought? Was he threatened? Was it all fixed before the hearing ever happened?

People will want to know the background of the Judge.

I’m SURE there are some coincidences involved.

Leading up to this hearing the U.S. called off joint naval exercises with Israel near the Strait of Hormuz so as “Not to agitate the Iranians.”

CLEARLY a coincidence.

Last week, while Judge Mahili was waiting to issue his decision, Leon Panetta let it be known that he feared Israel would launch a strike against Iran in April, May or June thus, as some believe, allowing Iran in on what should have been kept under wraps.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence.

The Obama administration is talking about releasing 5 Talibani terrorists heads from Gitmo, they’re talking about holding talks with the Taliban, they’re talking about speeding up financial aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt too.

Coincidences all.

A high tech super double top secret spy drone lands itself intact without a scratch in Iran.

Such a coincidence.

Obama decides NOT to go get that drone, which is on display in Iran, or try to destroy it.

Don’t be silly…It’s a coincidence.

Obama sent a letter to Iran asking for direct talks when we don’t even have diplomatic ties with the rogue terror sponsoring nation.

Coincidence, coincidence…coincidence.

Judge Mahili is of Iranian descent and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand while born of American parents, was born in Iran.

Well, that’s just plain coincidence.

How much of the speculation is true? Some of it? Most of it? None of it? All of it?

What Judge Mahili has done with his decision, is put our Republic on a very dangerous and slippery slope.

Mahili used United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) as the justification for his decision in Georgia and that case was a 14th amendment case regarding the citizenship clause rather than the Article II Section 1 eligibility clause.

Should this stand as precedent regarding the eligibility clause, the danger is great to the Republic and leaves Article I Section 2 of the Constitution null and void.

The framers intentionally included the words “Natural Born Citizen” when directing who would be eligible to serve as President. Had they meant that one just need be a citizen, clearly, they would have worded it in that manner.

The result of Judge Mahili’s decision means that anyone born on U.S. soil is eligible to be the President and clearly the framers never intended that to be the case.

via Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny.

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