Passing ObamaCare a “Mistake,” Says Barney Frank

Passing ObamaCare was a “mistake,” retiring Rep. Barney Frank D-Mass. told New York magazine in the course of a wide-ranging interview. President Barack Obama, apparently believing his own campaign hype — an easy thing to do given the adulation heaped upon him by the mainstream media — thought he had a public mandate to enact an overhaul of the healthcare system.This, said Frank, was “the same mistake [President Bill] Clinton made.”

Although Obama succeeded where Clinton had failed, his success begat precisely the same political outcome as Clinton’s failure: Democrats got creamed at the ballot box the following November. Averred Frank, “I think we paid a terrible price for health care.”In 1994, following Clinton’s attempt at a blatant government takeover of the healthcare sector, Republicans took both houses of Congress and won a large number of state and local elections as well. In 2010, after the passage of ObamaCare, Republicans took 66 seats in the House of Representatives, giving them control of that chamber once again.

A study in the journal American Politics Research concluded that Democrats’ support for ObamaCare was a significant factor in their defeat.Frank claims to have seen this coming. “I would not have pushed [healthcare reform] as hard,” he told New York. “As a matter of fact, after Scott Brown won, I suggested going back. I would have started with financial reform” — which he also got in the form of the monstrous Dodd-Frank financial act — “but certainly not health care.”


via Passing ObamaCare a “Mistake,” Says Barney Frank.

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