Trinity Versus Tyranny—Final Battle Over Fate of Man

III. Communism’s Secular Heresy

Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Karl Marx (1818-1883) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Secular humanism offers as its most characteristic aspect—monomania. “Monomania” is defined as: “an inordinate or obsessive zeal for or interest in a single thing, idea, subject, or the like.” Marxism is preoccupied with power over any ideals. In fact, no other truth exists for the dedicated revolutionary. According to P.H. Vigor in A Guide To Marxism, morality is an illusion to a Marxist, saying:

For ethics or morality, the fundamental point for a Marxist is that there is no such thing as an absolute Right and Wrong, being relative for a Marxist. A thing wrong at one time, and in one set of circumstances, will be right in another. It is therefore simply not possible to settle an argument with them by reference to ethical principles—by saying, for instance, that the consequence of a particular policy would be murder, and you cannot commit murder. From a Marxist standpoint, you can—in certain circumstances.

So modern leftism is characterized by a mono-maniacal view of power, rights, and authority. But where does this spirit of absolutist religion come from? We must trace the instinct for totalitarian religious humanism to a 12th century Italian monk named Joachim of Flora who created a humanistic interpretation of the Bible and history that socialism adapted as a template. This is why socialism and Marxism have a highly religious flavor.

A. Modern Humanistic Tyranny: Socialism & Marxism

The essence of Marxism is sheer secularism. All human traditions and revealed religions are dismissed as meritless. Everything is based upon humanistic theories. Historian Richard Pipes defines communism as:

Full social equality calling for dissolution of the individual in the community. As social & economic inequalities derive primarily from inequalities of possession, communism desires abolition of private property.

As the individual dissolves into the community, his or her individual rights vanish. So no rights of free press or speech existed in communist nations. No dissent was tolerated. Most pointedly, religion was illegal in communist countries, as described by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand in Tortured For Christ. Communism proposes a total theory of life so no outside ideas are even theoretically acceptable. There existed no public forum for the discussion of dissenting opinions.

Conclusion: Trinity or Radical Monotheism—Human Liberty Hangs in Ballance

In Islam, all decisions are driven by theology, including politics. There is no room for human liberty, given God is unknowable, and only the Qu’ran and Shari’ah law offer direction. In Marxism, extermination of religion caused a reverse effect. Politics mastered all religious issues. Again all human choices are predetermined because, as in Islam, all decisions are forecast via secular holy writ. Both are mirror images of the same coin. Any world view which aggressively claims to uniquely and exclusively map all of reality cannot afford to brook dissent.

But only in a theologically diverse, trinity-respecting society where mystery is accepted, and human advancement encouraged are differences tolerated. Here, liberties are mandated as mankind is respected as created in the image of God, with potential for freewill choice, creativity, rights of conscience, and avenues to express minority opinion.


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