Political Extortion of America…

By Douglas V. Gibbs Monday, April 23, 2012One of these days Americans will either realize the treachery of the parties, or fail to make the hard decision for liberty and enable the completion of the transformation of this nation into something the Founding Fathers never intended.

One of these days Americans will realize they have been so conditioned to believe that the politicians are a ruling elite that they will demand a return to a day when the politicians were servants of the people, or the transition to slavery will be complete. One of these days Americans will decide that the political games the statists play is extortion, or they will become the very peasant class the elitists are orchestrating into existence.A conversation with an American Liberal can be quite illuminating. When the law of the land, constitutional authorities, and the importance of the sovereignty of the States are brought into the discussion, the liberal will always fall back on the rosy intentions of the government’s machinations.

They will use terms emphasizing how their plans are good for the community, good for the people, and is good for the public trust. The legality, or the coercive nature, of their policies never seems to cross their minds. Even worse, when confronted with the constitutional legalities, they have been so conditioned by the liberal education system, liberal media, and liberal political force that they scoff at any notion that there may be a lack of constitutional authority.

When government pulls gifts from the treasury and offers them to the people, the issues of the day become a moot point to the voter. Much like the federal government using the threat of pulling back any highway funds if a State doesn’t do as they are told, the politicians threaten the voters that they will take away their next government check, or entitlement goody, if the voter dares vote for any opposition to big government slavery. All other issues become a non-issue to the voter, for all they care about is what they can get. In this way, their vote is being bought by the politicians. The political mafia is literally extorting votes from the people. And due to our conditioning, we not only accept this madness, but we delight in it.Voters murmur phrases like “free education,” or “Obama’s stash,” as if the money appears in thin air. The government is also constantly trying to increase the freebies, to pull in more voters, so that they can eliminate the Jeffersonian version of federalism once and for all. That is what the “free…..


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