Fallen Heroes and a Corrupt Government by LAWRENCE SELLIN ~ Family Security Matters

Fallen Heroes and a Corrupt Government

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD April 23, 2012

This is my personal story. There are thousands of similar stories about loved ones who died defending our Constitution and our country.

It is a sad story because our own government is now in the process of destroying our Constitution and country for which those fallen heroes made the ultimate sacrifice.

Written on a cross in the American Military Cemetery, Lorrain, France, is the name First Lieutenant Joseph J. McCarthy. He was my mother’s first husband.

From the records of the American Military Monument Commission:

Joseph J. McCarthy

First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces

Service # O-809674

340th Bomber Squadron, 97th Bomber Group, Heavy

Entered the Service from: New Jersey

Died: 10-May-44

Buried at: Plot K Row 48 Grave 15

Lorraine American Cemetery

St. Avold, France

Awards: Air Medal with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster

Here is the rest of the story as I understand it.

In May, 1944, the commander of the 97th Bomber group at Foggia airbase in Italy was Colonel Jacob E. Smart.

In 1943, Smart had been the architect of Operation Tidal Wave, in which, on August 1, 1943, 178 B-24 Liberators flew from bases near Benghazi, Libya to perform a low-level bombing raid on the oil refineries at Ploieşti, Romania.

On May 10, 1944, Smart was to lead a mission to bomb the FW 190 fighter aircraft factory near Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. The area was known as a “hot” target because it was well-protected by German fighters and anti-aircraft batteries.

The navigator assigned to Smart’s lead aircraft “begged off” and subsequently Lt. McCarthy volunteered, even though he had completed his quota of missions and was schedule to rotate back to the United States on the day of the scheduled raid.


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