Obama’s shocking travel costs reek of reckless spending

Let’s look into abuse, namely the wholesale abuse of taxpayer money. I don’t mean raising taxes. I mean the indiscriminate spending of tax money by government officials.

It’s bad enough that the General Services Administration blew $823,000 in tax dollars on a posh, five-day spending spree in Las Vegas at a “training conference.”

No, I’m talking about the recklessness of the president of the United States, as he spends your money on travel for himself and his wife. Here’s a man who is supposed to set a reasonable example, when, in fact, the best word for his behavior is extravagant. Some of his trips are justified state visits and some are boondoggles, but all are turned into photo opportunities on our dime.

Obama’s failed visit to Colombia last week presents the opportunity to investigate presidential trips, and…

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