Joe the Plumber: Obama ‘blessed by God’ – Tim Mak –

Wurzelbacher told POLITICO he’s proud of his faith, and insisted the U.S. has always been a Judeo-Christian country.

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Our founding fathers, at one point in time, all pointed to God. All 50 states, in all state constitutions, ask for God’s guidance. There’s no argument this is a Judeo-Christian country. For someone to say it’s not is absurd, because the facts are there,” Wurzelbacher said.

The plumber said he occasionally prays to win, but mostly hopes he can do “God’s will.”

“Being a human being, we live in the flesh, absolutely I want to win. I also want God’s will to be done,” he said. “I’m sure I’ve asked that God helps us to win, but ultimately I try not to lose sight of the important things,” like my wife and son.

Despite his kind words for the president, Wurzelbacher stresses that a political divide remains between them.

“I don’t question his faith, and when I read or hear people claiming he’s not a Christian because of this or that, I don’t like it,” said the candidate in his letter. “[But] Barack Obama once famously told me he just wanted to spread the wealth around and I take him at his word about that as well. After three years of watching the policies he’s put forth, the agenda he’s pushed and the detrimental effect it’s had on our country, I don’t question it one bit.”


via Joe the Plumber: Obama ‘blessed by God’ – Tim Mak –

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4 Responses to Joe the Plumber: Obama ‘blessed by God’ – Tim Mak –

  1. When Joe the Plumber says, that he’s not questioning Obama’s faith, – that’s a cop-out! Christ warned his disciples about false prophets and the New Testament Scripture of Ephesians tells His followers to “expose the deeds of darkness.”

    This idea of accepting a person at their word, simply because they say they are a Christian, is total foolishness. Christian leader, Joel Olsteen did the same thing as Joe the Plumber. Christians and Christian leaders make themselves out to be the blind, leading the blind.

    Here’s my take:

    “Obama Not Christian – No More Than the Man in the Moon”

  2. 32eagle says:

    I do question Obama’s strong faith in satan -he is muslim- and he is no christian-he is evil and deserves no respect-he is a loser and not a USA citizen-he thinks he can not fail-but GOD ALMIGHTY has his fate about to prove to this world that being wicked gets unwanted dividends

  3. 32eagle – Yes. I agree that Obama will not escape God’s just judgment. And, I’m not taking about any false God, but the Triune God of the Hebrew and Scripture divine revelation. Right now I am thinking of this last Sunday’s topical message that I posted. I believe that unless Obama has a genuine turn-around, (repentance and true belief), he will occupy a place of torment in the hereafter beyond his undesired wildest imaginations:

    “Liars Go to Hell:” —

    Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

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